Damaged speaker cable: Could 2 speakers be wired to AVR via 2+ but 1- ?


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I have two ceiling speakers (in a bedroom). Unfortunately it appears that one speakercable has been damaged somewhere along the route during the renovation works ofmy flat. The speaker itself has been tested by the installer and works fine. Soit looks as something has either cut partially the cable or a screw/nail hasbeen put inside. It is not possible to determine where the cable has beendamaged as it goes a long way through walls/ceiling. However only one conductorof the speaker cable has been damaged.

Could I bypass the damaged conductor by using the undamaged conductor for thepositive and then wire the negative connector of this speaker to the otherceiling speaker (which speaker cable is not damaged) so to as to share itsnegative conductor? Hence there will be 2 positive conductors for each speaker,but one shared negative conductor. Could I still get Stereo audio? Will the AVRnegative connector be overloaded? Is there a piece of equipment to be used topotentially solve this problem?

For reference, the AVR is a Yamaha RX-V373.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


that is a possibility and will work in some cases.

two things to consider though

1) Not all amplifiers have truly positive and negative terminals to drive speakers.
Whilst most amplifiers share the negative terminal some don't and are what we call a bridged configuration.

2) The offending screw or whatever has cut the cable may be grounding the good conductor somewhere.

However both scenarios can be worked around so if you need further help I will advise you how to determine
the status of the surviving conductor and the amplifier you intend to use.



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As per Steve's advice. I would expect an AV receiver to be a BTL design in which case this will not be possible.

You can determine the approximate fail point of the cable using an accurate multimeter (sometimes referred to as a millohmeter or micro-ohmeter) - measure resistance at each end, add together and work out the %age along the cable where the short is.

The RX-V373 will not support a 4ohm load on the zone2 (which I presume is the application?), so your options are either re-wire it or run the speakers in series for a 16ohm load and accept the reduced power output. Or, as steve is implying, buy another amplifier which is single ended rather than BTL.


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