Damaged Samsung KS series; new tv needed


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Any suggestions welcome please. I managed somehow to damage the 50 inch screen on my Samsung and have 2 thick lines on LHS. Its watchable but getting wider and I need to replace. The insurance paid out and i have approx £550 to spend on a new tv.

The Samsung was purchased in 2015 and was one of their first with quantum dot. It was a great apart from the blacks which where poor. Football was superb on BT Sport UHD but I no longer have this or Sky and wont be going back to them. On HD its a good picture.

Today i only use HD channels on freeview so uhd is wasted unless i opt back into Netflix on occasions.

I have been doing loads of research and am now just getting confused.

I am tempted to wait until black Friday to see if the Samsung QE tvs come down in price. The question is, knowing i just use freeview hd channels, is such a tv wasted on me? Would i be better going now for a tv like Hisence, LG UM 7000 series or Samsumg UE RU series. I believe all these have hd upscaling to 4k? Im looking for 50 or 55 screen size.

A good picture with good colour is important for me but surely these are only as good as the input source.

Thanks in advance


Yes, its somewhat wasted getting a higher end TV for only freeview watching. You can spend a lot less and get close to as good picture quality.

If you didn't cause the damage yourself...eg the lines appeared and you bought the TV with an extended warranty with the TV you can probably make a warranty claim.

If you can hold out to Black Friday you can potentially get a much better deal on mid range models like the Samsung RU8000 or Hisense U8B.


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Many thanks.

I hope to wait until black Friday and go for good midrange tv.

Unfortunately I damaged it. Getting rid of cobwebs on ceiling using duster with plastic handle!!! Flew out of my hand and hit tv at bottom left. Its annoying and getting worse but is watchable.

Thanks again


Wow that is unlucky! To match your old TV in specs you'd be looking at the Samsung Q70R but you probably don't need to spend that much. My only concern is your mention of blacks being poor. To improve upon those you probably do need a better TV.

£550 won't buy you so much, but it should be enough come black friday to get you a decent 55" model from budget lines at 55". The new Hisense U7B is being reviewed soon here on AVF so that might be an option.

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