Damaged DVD covers - help!


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Okay, to cut a long story, short, I've had my DVD collection (around 200 discs) stored in a secure cardboard box, in my granddad's garden shed - for personal reasons I don't need to go into right now. They've been there since September 2003, and the shed is watertight.

However, having retrieved them this weekend, and sorted through all of them, I have noted that about 20 of the actual disc cover inlay artwork sheets, are damaged. :rolleyes:

Now, the discs themselves, are all fine, with no problems on any of them - thank god! :smashin: The problem appears to be damp has seeped in somehow: that is, the covers have wrinkled over time (some worse than others), since being put into storage, due to the extreme hot weather and the extreme cold and wet weather we've had since last year. Probably condensation or that kind of thing, has formed.

I have taken the artwork sheets out of the Amaray sleeves, gently cleaned them (to remove traces of dirt or moisture, dust, etc), and now want to find out the best way to try and restore the sleeves back to their original state. Obviously, I am aware that they won't ever be perfect. The problem I have is that the wrinkled sleeves all appear to be - sod's law - off of Region 1 titles, including a few Criterion titles. :mad:

So, can anyone recommend any easy and sensible ways, that aren't expensive, to try and help me restore my artwork sheets back to their original state?

I am going to initially place the sleeves, one at a time, and press them between some heavy books. Is this the best thing to do?

Secondly, if I can't restore some of the worst ones, does anyone know what companies would be like - that is, how they are likely to react - if I emailed them, offering to send my faulty cover, to replaced (if need be with a small fee) with a brand new one? Do you think companies would do this, e.g. Anchor Bay, Criterion, Universal, MGM, et al?

I don't really want to have to resort to fake covers, or computer-printed copies (like those available on some internet sites), unless I absolutely, absolutely have to! I'd much rather get original, genuine ones.

Any help on this horrible situation, would be greatly appreciated. I can't be the first (or only) person to have been in this situation before.

Thanking You all, in advance. :)



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You could try ironing them (place a tea towel over them first). I have done this with books before and it worked fine. :smashin:


Checkout DVD Cover Art. For a small price, they offer users to submit requests or download directly from their database; extremely high quality scans of DVD covers.

View samples here.

Printed in glossy colour, I reckon they would make good replacements (not perfect) for the originals.

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