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*new upgrades/updates listed at bottom of thread*

Hi All

My name is 'Dal' and Im 22 years old, I just graduated about a year ago and have been working/saving up to finally build my very own HT room.

Well after nearly a year of planning... I finally finished my HT room. We had one spare room in the house so I decided to use it for the project.

This was ideal because I wanted to use a projection system, and they only look the best provided that the room is catered for them (hence no compromises - ambient light).

So here goes.....

First thing, everyone wants some kind of media centre right - I sure do. I decided to build a PC dedicated to do just this, I realise there are many commercial products suited for this but I prefer having more control by building it manually and loading media centre on it.

Now since this is going to placed in the HT room, its very important that it is quiet! So I invested in a Nexus silent case along with a silent PSU - it really does sound silent!


Next, we have one of the walls which has been plastered and just started applying primer to it... this is where the screen will be placed initially.


This side of the wall has had its first coat of primer...looking good :)


... almost done....:rolleyes:


... the wall where the projection screen is to be placed is now complete... ready for paint! :D


So, I was at work, browsing ebay, when I saw this - for some reason I just couldn't resist :D


Its a biometric keylock, and yes it really works!!


Enough of the gadgets, time to paint those walls...


Ok, firstly - I need to figure out how to take good pics with this silly camera - the paint isnt blood red as shown here, its a much darker spicy red.... BLACK is the best of course but this room is to be used as a guest room also so I decided on this shade, with lights off reflections are very limited indeed so it was a good choice - also put the new lights up too :thumbsup:


Screen is finally up - to be honest it was at this point I really saw the potential for what was being built, this is a 92" fixed frame - pretty easy to assemble too!


One of the first things I wrote in my planning was 'blackout curtains' - soo important, especially if you want to be able to watch movies in perfect darkness during daytimes :lesson:


Ok so here is most of the equiment setup - coke can is there for scale lol. I wanted to make the most out of the equipment that I already have - the speakers either side were made by my dad, they are using KEF drivers and they sound very good indeed. - In the middle we have a AE Center and a Yamaha AX-620.


I searched for weeks to find the right chairs for the right price, I finally got lucky with a recliner store in Nottingham and purchased four of them, also shown in the pics are the rear yamaha speakers!


^^ just finished setting them up, took a quick pick before hiding cabes and aligning them up...
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And here is the beast - Sanyo Z5 :smashin:

I managed to hook the cables up and over the main curtains and also installed a power switch up there to easily turn off the projector without having to manually flick a switch on the back of the PJ and misaligning it!


Ok so here we have the typical varlight switches controlled via remote and touch.Next pic shows the Sub - built by my dad - sounds awesome but is quite big. :eek:

Next, I have screenshots, remember though that my camera is rubbish and these look 100X better in real life ;)






So there you have it, it took the best part of a month to build it all, but months/year of planning. I've learned that you can have all the planning in the world but sometimes things just dont work out the way you expect them.... and hardly anyone has the 'perfect room' to start off a PJ setup, you just gotta work with what you have.

Im quite please with how everything turned out considering that this is my first ever project like this.... would I ever do it again? ..... HELL yes! - its a lot of fun, expensive though :confused: but worth it! :smashin:


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Looks an excellent set up by the way :cool:


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Well done, Love the setup.. Im also thinking of getting a projector :thumbsup:


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Great setup :thumbsup:....loving that Lock...I want one!


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Hey nice setup, i must admit that lock is a brilliant idea


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Good job - your lock is cool!!!


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Hi All

Its been about a year since I built my HT, I thought I would share with you some updates:

Acoustic Energy Aegis 3 Evo

I have always wanted these but they were way out of my budget - I managed to find a really great deal for the 'threes' - I already had the AE center from the beginning...



Also seen here is the new Yamaha Amp, this is the AX763 which you can read more about by viewing my post.

Samsung BD-P1500 - I finally bought a blu-ray player, this is one fast machine and just does what it is supposed to, no fuss! - the image quality is really amazing.

The system below is a Sony DVD Upscalling (HDMI) player, I bought this in March, it will probably be moved into another room now that I have the Samsung.


Ok so here are some screens of the blu-rays in action - note that I managed to get the right settings on my camera but it does a poor job at processing the contrast/saturation in these shots, they look much better to the naked eye!

The Rock




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The camera seems to 'accentuate' the contrast all these shots - looks much better in real life.







Future upgrades:

currently have around 5+ remotes..................must....have.....harmony..... :D


Good job. Love the biometric lock. Brilliant idea. Great gadget and something to add to my wishlist!

Love the colour on the walls. Check out my work in my signature, i'm sure we've got the same colour scheme :thumbsup:

Well done. Particularly impress to have done this at 22! I turned 30 2 days after completing my project. At 22 I was showing off a 29" Toshiba CRT to friends with dolby surround.. how times change hey..:rotfl:

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Good looking build/setup you have there. Love those chairs ! Those secreens do you proud. Specially the BD ones. Keep up the good work.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the comments! :thumbsup:

Lookin good, love the HTPC :D

What are the specs of it?

To be honest, its just a dual core chip on an asus motherboard with 1gb ram, standard stuff really, but what makes it special is the case - its designed to be ultra quiet, the case even comes with its own internal fans which run at near silent!

I was looking at the z2000 the other day , is yours the model before this one , the picture looks amazing

Yes this is the Z5, its had about 1000 hours use now and the picture is still excellent - well worth it for anyone who can't afford the Z2000 just yet!

The amazing thing is that the Z5 is just 720p native, it boggles my mind to think how the film could look any better on a 1080p native projector (I'm sure it would).


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Impressive stuff, own house and cinema room at 22. I was still playing pool and drinking £1 pints at the student union till I was 24.

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Absolutely fantastic, up there with some of the best set-ups on here:smashin:

Seats look really comfy, I want that lock!:D

That screen shot of the rock is stunning, great photography there, very few people can capture an image so well:smashin:

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