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Dali Zensor 1 White Grilles


Standard Member
Just purchased a pair of Dali Zensor 1's in white and they have come with black grilles which I believe are standard.

Although I have seen pictures of them on the net with white grilles I am struggling to find a supplier. I have checked the Dali website and cant see any referance to white grilles so I am guessing they are made by a third party?

Any ideas where I might get some or do I need to get out the glue and sticky tape for a spot of DIY...:rolleyes:



Daddy k

Distinguished Member
just diy, i had to with my white q acoustics who insisted on doing a gloss white finish with black voth i mean ***.

its a small job, just use a heat gun.

feel free to click on link in my sig for finished pics of mine


Standard Member
I’ve checked yours out and you have done an excellent job, to be honest though I have checked out a couple of threads on the forum with regards to recovering speakers and it doesn’t seem as straight forward as I hoped.

I have found a couple of sites that offer white grilles as an option but no facility to buy them on their own.

I guess if I can’t buy white off the shelf then black will have to do..... Although the wife is expecting white ones.......:facepalm:

Daddy k

Distinguished Member
No it is dead simple.

I have no DIY skills etc.

I just cut black cloth off, stretched white cloth over, lay a bead of hot glue on the back of frame pulled cloth over it, held it in place with little clamps for about 3 mins then done opposite side and so on


Active Member
Have a go yourself,i have just veneered a pair of wharfedale opus 1's myself because i couldn't find anyone to do it. Just look on youtube for advice/videos. Its not as hard as you think!! Couple of pics attached.
Good luck


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Standard Member
I suppose im just worried if I mess it up I won’t even have any black ones and with 2 kids and little nieces I fear they would probably fall victim to prodding fingers.........:mad:

Heebie looks like you have also done an amazing DIY Job.... :smashin:

If Dali does white grilles why can’t I find them on the net.....:confused:

Daddy k

Distinguished Member
If/when you pick up some white grills.
The flash activ fizz kitchen spray brings the grills up like new. I've had a few chocolate finger prints on mine and this brought then out perfect btw


Active Member
Thanks jayb. Took a while but quite pleased with the results. Just finished the sub,now starting on a new stand. No peace for the wicked!

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