Dali Spektor vs Monitor Audio Radius


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So last year during lockdown 1, I redesigned my lounge for the sole purpose of achieving a better placement of my home cinema set up. I also thought I'd update some of my speakers. I went from Kef eggs to a mixture of monitor audio radius fronts and Cambridge audio rears and heights. Mixture of second hand and Clearance bargains. I was pleased with the cosmetics but just felt the fronts were, well disappointing. They lacked sparkle is the only way I can describe it. Firstly I had to have the levels raised on my Marantz amp to get some omph. Now in my office I have a pair of Dali Spektor 1's hooked up to a Denon M38 system and I love them. In fact I spent more time upstairs in my office tapping my feet listening to music than I did downstairs. So I've taken the leap this morning and ordered the spektor Centre and a pair or spektor 2's to replace the monitor audio fronts downstairs. I realise I should have tested them but I've taken the approach that if I like the babies of the group then I should like the slightly bigger brothers. Not after any advice just wanted to engage in a conversation point really.

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