Dali Spektor 2 - Speaker Issue or Poor Amp Pairing?


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Hey everyone,

First time poster here and I'm very new to the audio world.

I'm currently building a budget system to hold me over until my lease is up in November as my pair of Sonos Ones aren't doing the trick with all this staying at home nowadays.

My friend loaned me a NAD 316bee amplifier that he's not using until I move. I've purchased a pair of Dali Spektor 2s to pair with it.

The result is terrible to the point where I don't know if I have a faulty Dali speaker of it the amp is the issue. I've now read that the speakers are not the most sensitive and the NAD is not very powerful.

It's hard to describe the issue but one of the speakers excessively rattles more than the other anytime there is any form of bass. There's almost a metal or foil sound coming from it when the bass punches too. I'm no longer a big fan of bass but it's not foreign to me as I used to listen to a lot of hip hop. The speaker rattles so much that the twist on banana plugs on the speaker wires connected to the speaker won't even remain screwed on.
EDIT: I'll add that the bass sounds "scratchy", if that makes any sense.

My question: Is the Amp so underpowered for the speaker that it's affecting the bass ? (In which case I should return them and buy a different set of speakers)

OR, did I get unlucky with a bad speaker and I should just exchange for another set of the same Dali Spektor 2s?

Other details in case it's needed to provide advice:
-Using Fiio D3 DAC dongle for feed sound from TV
-Also using a loaned LP60x TT, which somehow doesn't cause AS big of an issue
-Using Amazon Basics 16 gauge speaker wires
-Have tested the speakers with my Fosi Audio BT10A-S computer desktop amp and it's even worse than with the NAD
-Speakers are a good 40-50cm from the wall

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Sounds to me like the speakers might be duff, pre-supposing that the amp is working well. Can you try the amp with another set of speakers and/or the speakers with another amp? Maybe your brother could help out.


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Nad amps aren't generally underpowered. They usually give stated power into difficult loads, not many amplifier makes, especially makes that do budget amps also are as conservative about power description.
From your post it sounds like something is faulty


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Appreciate the feedback guys.

I unfortunately don't have another pair of speakers to try it out with so I'll exchange the Dalis and hope that was the issue.

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