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Hello guys,

I am new to this forum and so far i have found very helpful recommendations which helped a lot.
I own a Denon XR550bt receiver and i use as front R/L Dali Fazon Sat. My center is Dali Fazon LCR. I would like to expand to a 5.1 system so i was thinking about Dali Fazon Mikro as surrounds. Do you find ok that mix since they are from same Brand?

Also i dont know what to choose for a subwoofer to match with this setup...Can you help on that please? The space on which the system is installed is about 30m2

Thank you in advance


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Hi there! Yes it´s perfectly fine to use Fazon Mikro as surround channels! For 5.1 system see below link how they should be placed:

Subwoofer choice depends of your budget and what kind of experience you are looking for. At 30sqm that is not the smallest room either. I would recommend you to save up for quality brand that specializes in building woofers. Don´t buy any Dali subwoofer as there is no requirement to match the sub with speakers! One thing to keep in mind which ever model you pick is the placement. There can be night and day difference when you place the sub. Front wall close to speakers (as they are smaller) let´s say corners and 1/4 wall width would be good places to start if you have space. Especially if you pick smaller sealed model then i would start from front corner (furthest from any opening).

In Greece where you live i would look models from SVS, one of the most known company for subwoofers all over world. For a person who hasn´t owned a real subwoofer the price may feel high first, but when you get one it will be worth every penny and you`ll thank me later. The company has great support/service every day of week and also comes with long 5year warranty. Performance is as good as you can hope for the size/price.

Going with the room size in mind and if you fancy some good impact & rumble for action/scifi/horror movies i would consider the ported PB1000 Pro model. It offers great bang for buck! This new Pro range was introduced last week.

If you feel that one is too large then SB1000 Pro is very compact sealed model with 12" driver! They have gloss black and white for extra 100€ cost.

Tell me what you think about these?

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