Dali Speakers or B&O BeoLab speakers

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Most of my gear is at least 20 years old and I am very happy with it. Although I did have my Audiolab 8000A fully refurbished and upgraded to stage 2. The only new pieces that I have bought were Dali Zensor 5 floor standers speaker about 3 years ago.

I am going to be given a pair of B&O BeoLab 6000 loudspeakers and also a pair of BeoLab 4000 loudspeakers. I know these are active speakers, but in theory I could run one pair from the pre-out on my amp and just run the amp as a pre-amp.
My wife if going mad that I accepted this kind offer of taking the B&O speakers and am sure that she will want them gone as soon as I get them into the house. She seen photos and hates the look of them, and says that I already have too much old HiFi crap in the house! ;-) (these will make 6 pairs of speakers in the house...)

Anyway I know that the proof is in the pudding and it really comes down to your own ears. But what should I expect with regard to sound from these compared to my Zensor 5s? i.e. Real question, what would you do? - Prepare to keep the Dalis or keep one pair of B&Os?


i.e. Real question, what would you do? - Prepare to keep the Dalis or keep one pair of B&Os?
I would wait until I could hear them in my room to see if they suit the room and my personal preference.


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Real question, what would you do?

I would rent garage space so I can keep the Dali's and other hifi crap hidden away from the wife until she finds out and I'm forced to let them go...JK

I timed it so I would have a weekend with both speakers to compare. I do wish I could have held on to my gear longer so I could test it with different amp upgrades I'm planning...

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