Dali Rubicon 6 > what to power them?


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Hello! I have recently had the opportunity to purchase a pair of rubicon 6 speakers for a good price. However my current av receiver (yamaha rxv683) isn't really going to do them justice.

I bought them thinking I would need to upgrade anyway, but the amount of variables is really confusing me!

I am currently using kef q350s for LR, dali opticon vokal Centre and wharfedale diamond 10.1 for rear (I know, a mixed bag!)

Ideally I would prefer to keep musiccast connectivity as I enjoy the multiroom aspect a great deal.

I would move the kef Q350 to the rear.

Unfortunately my current receiver has no pre out connection so I can't just add a power amp.

Should I forget about having a 5.1 set up and just buy a really nice stereo amp and move my cinema to another room? (I'm lucky I have that option!)

Would I miss 5.1 audio for music? I do kind of like a big sound stage.

Are any of the higher end yamaha ar receivers (the avantage line) decent enough to power these rubcions?

Or should I be looking at something like the rvx6a and then add a separate power amp for the LR channels (was thinking about the audio lab 6000a) I order to use them as part of my cinema set up?

Sorry this is rambling, I'm very confused!


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I used to have a Yamaha 7 series amp which fortunately had the pre amp out so had it connected to my Naim Uniti2 which drove the front speakers. That set up worked really well, with the fronts seamlessly becoming part of the 5.1 system via the Yamaha.
I'd suggest that if you want to get the best out of your new Rubicons then a dedicated stereo amp is the way to go. That way your speakers should create a good enough soundstage that you probably won't miss the 5.1 sound.
I've just moved to a pair of Rubicon 2's and they sound incredible through my Naim.

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