Question Dali Opticon Vokal; can it be used for all 3 front speakers.....


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Anyone try this? I have an Opticon Vokal and love the sound, but 'the wife' says I can't mount an Opticon/Rubicon LCR on the wall, and I haven't got the room for Opticon 5/Rubicon 5 floor standers. I also want to keep the ribbon tweeter across all 3 so that rules out the Opticon 2/Rubicon 2.
I asked a dealer who told me that speakers for left and right duties are ‘tuned’ differently…surely this would also mean that an LCR speaker isn't great at being a centre?!? Or have I got this wrong.
Any info appreciated.


You can certainly use a standard speaker as a centre, providing you have the room to use it in the intended orientation, that is, upright. The design of 'centre' speakers is to allow for a horizontal presentation under a TV or screen, the design of which is said to be inferior to that of a standard speaker and something of a compromise.

The main problem with using a standard speaker is that they are often just sold as a pair. KEF do sell the LS50 as a single unit exactly for the purpose of one being used as a centre, which begs the question, which one is tuned differently!


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I suppose there's my point, why can you use a stereo speaker as a centre but not a centre as a stereo pair......? Are they tuned differently?


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Anyone know?


Centres and other speakers are not tuned differently. That is why it is important to get the same model range for the frontal array at the very least so as to preserve the tonality, 'timbre', of the frontal array. The main difference is the layout of the centre from other speakers with bass drivers either side of the treble rather than the standard layout of treble on top with the bass drivers lower in the cabinet.

There is a member that uses three KEF R200C as his frontal array.


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I think it depends more on the speaker design. Some can easily be used as LCR's such as the Kef R200C as mentioned above. Same with the Kef R600C as Kef say it can be used in an LCR setup as can most M&K's.

I believe acoustic/audio issues can arise (comb filtering and lobing!?!?) when you flip a speaker vertically that was designed to purely be used horizontally and vice versa. Some can have their tweeters removed and rotated to counteract them. But again, it's whether the design would allow you to do that.

Having said that. I ran one of my old M&K S150's on it's side with no ill effects for months so it might just be worth trying out and seeing if you can hear any issues.


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Thanks for the replies.

I mailed Dali UK but they were on holiday, so I mailed Dali DK. Here is a little of the conversation:

Hi. Please see the text below which I sent to Dali UK.

I have an Opticon Vokal centre speaker which sounds fantastic. I would like to upgrade my Zensor 1's to match the centre but I can't put LCR's on the wall, and I haven't the room for floorstanders. I would also like to keep hold of the ribbon tweeter, so my question is what are your thoughts on using a pair of Opticon Vocals for left and right duties, obviously standing on their sides/vertically. I understand that the tweeters would now be facing horizontally but the Ikon on wall speaker also had this arrangement, so shouldn't be a problem there....trying to find a new/used Ikon 2 mkii in white is proving problematic.




Using the ribbon part of the hybrid tweeter horizontal will limit the effect.

The ribbon disperse sound to its sides but no much up and down. Turning it on its side will result in the ribbon sound being send to the ceiling and the floor, but not to the sides. This is the reason you can rotate the hybrid module on the LCR’s.

If what you are upgrading are the ZENSOR 1’s I would suggest that you have a listen to the OPTICON 2’s. You will be surprised how much they bring to the experience. Even the OPTICON 1 is a huge upgrade from ZENSOR 1, even though they do not have the hybrid module.


Thanks for the reply.
So if I kept the Vokal in its normal position, with the tweeter and ribbon facing vertically, all 3 should work and sound pretty good right?

Hi Ian,

Yes, the OPTICON VOKAL is an excellent stereo speaker also.

Using three of them is a very good solution.



It's as I said, a centre speaker is only so called because of it's horizontal design. Any speaker in it's correct orientation will work perfectly well in the centre position.


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i have a Vokal, not doing it tonight but might be posable to rotate the tweeter assembly,
i was thinking the same thing love them.
looking at the LCR can be rotated looks pretty similar

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