Dali lektor 6 or 8 ?


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I have decided to buy Pioneer VSX-920 as the receiver and now I need to select speakers. I have listened many KEF, Dali, and MordauntShort models all with different very high quality amplifiers.

I have managed to experience the sound of Dali Lektor 6 and 8 connected to the mentioned receiver. Both was quite good with my favourite SACD music CD. To be honnest, I couldn't find a difference.

I am also planning to buy a sub, either the Dali Lektor Sub or Yamaha YST-SW515.

Which pair would you recommend, the 1200Eur 2.5-way Lektor 6 or 1500Eur 3-way Lektor 8 ?
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I think it gets down to your wallet. Certainly if you have the room and the money, the bigger better speaker is nicer, but that doesn't mean the Lektor 6 is not also a good speaker.

Personally, if I can afford it, I prefer a speaker that has a dedicated midrange driver. The Lektor 8 also has larger woofers, so it moves more air and gives more weight to the air it moves.

Certainly the Lektor 8 has better bass response, but with a subwoofer, that is not something you have to give a lot of consideration too. Both speakers have adequate bass response. Though the Lektors are not noted for the heavy bass, they are more about clarity. Which most would consider a good thing.

Again, it gets down to how much space you have, and how much money you have. If you've got a fair sized room, and you don't mind spending the money, then I will always say, get the bigger speaker.

But then, that's just my opinion.


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