Dali Basis 100 subwoofer fault

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First of all please bare with me as i know nothing about subwoofers.
I have just been given a Dali basis 100 subwoofer ( in box,looks like new).
I have connected the sub to the subwoofer output socket on my Sony multi channel Av receiver and to the line in on the dali.I power the Dali and receiver up.I do a speaker test from the receiver, all speakers emit a sound but when it tests the sub,nothing.I'm 100% sure it is set up properly.I have even tried it on a different system,same result,no sound.I can here a faint thumping and some crackling when connected to either system and after its left on for say half an hour the sound is more like a quiet constant heart beat.I have taken the back off and unplugged the actual speaker for the circuit board.wired speaker to my system direct and it plays/sounds fine.So I'm guessing is the circuit board part ? What i would like to now is, can it be repaired? if so where ? and do you think its worth going down that road.
Thanks for reading and sorry if it goes on a bit.


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Dali give a 5 year guarantee, if its less than 5 year old then it should be repaired.

The 5 year guarantee was one of the things that swayed me to Dali, as well as the excellent build, looks and sound :smashin:

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