Dali AXS-5000 restoration/repair - help?!


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First time posting, really hoping some of the lovely folk here might be able to help...

I recently got my hands on a pair of Dali AXS-5000 floorstanders as part of a stack of 2nd hand separates I snagged from Gumtree - including an SL1210 mk2 - all at a pretty bargain price. Everything's mint - apart from the Dali's.

Immediately noticed both tweeters were blown, so I've already sourced (Peerless) replacements - the left speaker sounds great, but the right speaker still sounds awful. Got inside to look at the crossovers, one of them has clearly seen better days - see attached pics. Dali UK have already confirmed they don't have any spares available (they are from about 2001 after all), and they didn't confirm any details about the crossover specs either. All I can see is the number 5 written on them and that's about it.

Although I'm probably not going to keep them - I've since bought a pair of Oberon 5s - I'm still keen on sorting them out and finding a good home for them!

So can anyone help me identify what crossovers these are, and where I might be able to get replacements at a decent price?! I thought about replacing individual crossover components, but it seems more sensible and far less hassle to just replace the entire crossovers if I can get the parts for under, say, 50 quid.



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If the tweeters are the same as those being replaced I’d send both x-overs to Wilmslow Audio.

They can either repair or build you two new ones, which would be better.

But unless the tweeters are direct/same model replacements there’s not much you can do.
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