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Daisy chaining two routers/hubs together??


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My existing setup consists of a BT Voyager 2500 Wireless router hardwired (Cat45) to my main PC and Mac in my office. My 2 children's PCs then utilise the Wireless network part of the router.

The problem I have is that there is some distance between the router and their PCs plus a huge metal fridge/freezer and a radiator in direct line of sight/firing line between the two and as a consequence they have little or no connectivity most of the time.

BT very kindly sent me one of their Home Hubs which just sits in the box after its trial showed no improvement in wireless connection speeds.

I'd like to know if I can daisy chain the two hubs and in so doing improve the signal from them to the kids PCs - is that possible and if so how?

Many thanks

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The best way woud be to buy a network "switch", knock the holes in the walls and pull some "proper" data network cabling from the switch to the sockets in the remote rooms.

Presuming domestic hamony does not permit this, you might like to read the sticky at the top of this forum and in numerous threads regarding "homeplugs."

If you have no choice but to use wifi - some wireless access points (APs) have a kind of "repeater" mode (AKA WDS) whereby they will recieve the transmissions from another AP and re-broadcast it. You have to physically site the repeater AP between the "primary" AP and the end stations and accept that data throughput rate will be halfed (or worse.)


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If it is a HH 2.0 forget it as they do not support WDS. HHs 1.0 and 1.5 do and so you need to find out if the Voyager supports it. This is not recommended as you will need to downgrade your WiFi security to WEP as WDS does not support WPA.

If you baulk at punching holes in the wall, I would read the Homeplug FAQ if I was you.

If you really want to use WiFi try this: Two home hubs, one as repeater


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Thanks guys for the solutions, I may try the home plug route option as daisy chaining looks a tad haphazard.

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