Daisy chain JS Technology component switch


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Zarniwoop, I have got the J.S.Tech scart to component converter for sky going to component switch, and the 360 on component going to the switch daisy chaining to another component switch which is feeding both my displays 45" dlp tv and Projector. when i first got tem i tried straight conecting to the displays, compered to connecting thro the boxes and can honestly say there is no difference in the picture quality at all.

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Hmm, you won't really know 'til you try. However, I would certainly say it won't improve or help the picture !

I personally would go for a component switch with more inputs such as this. Alternatively try lektropacks etc. Do a search on here for SCART splitter on here and that will probably turn up the other companies that make them.

The Joytech model is used by gamers a fair bit, so do a search in the 360 forum to see if it's any good. Good luck!

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