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My old mum is 77, registered partially sighted and deaf. She can see the TV okay from her chair but cannot read the subtitles. I went out today and bought two sets of wireless headphones for her and my dad, set them up and they were fine. However, she did not like the fact that they went over her head and would prefer if she could get ones that went in her ears. My dad does not need to use headphones but was prepared to do so when my mum was using hers, which is not very often. Therefore I took them back to Comet and got my money back. My dad says that if she can get an in ear set he would watch TV in the other room. However, I think this is a daft question but is there any way my dad can watch the same TV whilst my mum is using the earphones? Does such a thing exist as in ear phones for the telly, because I think my mum would be happier (vain old bisum). She had a visit from an occupational therapist a few weeks back and she gave her an induction loop system which amplifies the TV sound plus all other sounds, so it is hopeless, it is not even connected to the telly which I think would make a difference. She is coming back in a few weeks to see if she can do anything to help. My mum was listening to my Walkman this morning and thought the sound was great with the in ear phones so that is why I came up with the idea. Meanwhile any advice would be appreciated.
i know this isn't exactly a solution, but what about wireless speakers. you could get them and place them around the seat where your mother sits to watch tv.

or, even better, find wireless speakers which have an earphone socket, thus enabling you to channel the sound wirelessly to the speakers, then into the earphones


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If the TV has line-out then you could hook up a headphone amp to that output. You could possibly route the cable round to where your Mum sits, and have the headphone amp there, so she'd have an independent volume control.
Alternatively, hook up an amp and speakers to the line-out for your Dad, and connect the headphones to the TV and your Mum can use the TV remote to control the volume.

If there's no line-out, you could use a headphone splitter plugged into the TV, and connect up a pair of speakers for your Dad.

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