Daewoo DTY-28W5GB - 60HZ RGB wobbling with XBox 360



Hello all,

I recently bought an XBox 360, and have been using it via Composite through my Daewoo DTY-28W5GB, which looked alright besides some horrendous colour bleed on Uno (which is what I bought it for, the missus loves a bit of Uno).

So, I took the plunge and bought an Advanced SCART cable to get a better picture via the magic of RGB; however, whilst running solidly at 50Hz, when running in 60Hz the picture wobbles a lot, almost as if it is trying to resize horizintally to fit the screen but can't actually decide how big the screen is.

I'm currently using it in 50Hz for the time being but this telly is touted as being 60Hz compatible - and it has been, while playing DVDs through our old DVD player - so I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestions on how I can get the 60Hz image to be solid, like the 50Hz one?

Thanks in advance...

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