Daewoo DT-4280NH - Standby light flashes red and green, and makes a clicking sound.

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Daewoo DT-4280NH

This is a well constructed article that may assist with the problems I am trying to solve. Although not necessarily the same problem, I am hoping to be able to use
the knowledge and experience of the forum's members to assist me. I have read that the red-green flashing light, and clicking noise is due to a board that has failed.

The TV does not give a picture, or sound. The TV, although displaying video, would not give sound from the speakers when the TV was passed on to me.
The screen is aesthetically undamaged; I want to know how, using generic diagnostics tests, if the video signals can once again be received by the PDP.

The clicking noise that accompanies the red-green flashing light can be stopped bycutting power to a board that connects to an “inverter”.
I had thought of this board as the scan board as it has a heatsink and shape similar to a photo of a scan board.
Recently. I have seen a scan board similar in shape to an inverter.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the DT-4280NH's technical manual to interpret these diagnostic flashes or identify the mentioned boards.
Repairs by service engineers maybe difficult with the age of this TV.
What is the best way for an amateur enthusiast to confirm that the PDP or inverters are not at fault?

  • What is the best way for an amateur enthusiast to confirm that the PDP or inverters are not at fault? The (inner & outer) screen is aesthetically undamaged.
  • Are the flashing lights the designer's way of showing that the TV is in 'protect' mode? Any generic tables to interpret such lights?
  • I heard a “popping/cracking” noise at the time the screen stopped displaying video. Would this have been due to the failure of a capacitor of a board that influences the screen, or, the PDP breaking internally (rare)?

Once I am confident that the problem is related to what was mentioned on the article, I can try my hand at soldering.
This will confirm if the screen an be salvaged. I was hoping that the bulb as the back of the screen would have indicated that the screen was receiving power. I did not notice the light as being on while the TV was working.
I have seen photographs of cracked PDP's emiting light. My (lack of) experience tells me that the screen is fine.
The problem was initially of that of the “scan board”: there are also no visible signs of damaged components on this board.

I will do my best to answer any questions that may arise as best as I can with my limited technical vocabulary. I will try to provide photographs where necessary.

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Additional notes that may shed some more light on the subject.

Currently, the scan board may be the only faulty component; even with the inverters short-circuited, the standby light would flash red,
then green, then back to red intermittently.

When the power to the scan board is cut-off, the standby light moves from red to green in the normal fashion, giving me the impression that the power board is working.
Unfortunately, this short-circuit still doesn't confirm if the screen working as the inverters have also been short-circuited.
Is this enough to dismiss a fault with the power-board?

The clicking noise has also stopped with the short-circuit - what was the main cause of this noise?
Was the screen trying to turn on then off?

Rather than buying a replacement screen only to get the same result, is there another way to test the TV?

Hope this information can jog someones memory.

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