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Feb 26, 2001
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Hi just ordered one of these from currys (I know you can get it cheeper but don't have the cash and needed credit) to replace a techwood that is being returned .

What I would like to know is ,what connections are available on the tunner box .I can find all the info there is to be found on the panel but there seems to be nothing at all about the tunner on the net ( well not that I can find anyway) Has anyone got a pic of the back of the box they can post or have a link to the info I need.The mod.number of the box mgiht help so I can do a better search

Has no one got one of these:confused:
can i ask why are you returning the techwood?

If i remember rightly from when I was looking at the daewoo and techwood on the weekend, the daewoo had 2 scarts but not alot else apart form the obvious audio out and aerial sockets.
can i ask why are you returning the techwood?

I was quite happy with the techwood apart from one problem ,when people move there faces a lot of the time they tend to go strange .It's hard to explain , it's like they sudenly get a red pixilated outline .It dos'nt happen on everyone ,usualy people with light skin .You allso get this outlinning somtimes on other things like white walls (outlinning lighter spots like were light hits it ) and ruffled fabric. The face thing tends to stand out a lot though as that's were you tend to look (well on most things anyway:D )

I was going to try and put up with it as it's just for watching tv and we have the projector for anything important . But the missus tend to notice it and has been moaning about everyone looking like crap . As you can imagine it effects fashion tv and the like to an extreem degree.

So out of the kindness of my heart ;) I told her I would change it so she would not be bothered .I took this oppertunity to get somthing with a better contrast ratio .I can't realy find any mention of exactly what the CR of the techwood is but I don't realy think it is too good , that's prob why they don't make a mention of it in the manual or on the site or anywere . I was watching startrek enterprise on sky1 on mon and it realy stood out that there were not a great deal in the way of stars visable and I'm sure there were a hell of a lot more on my tosh 32".

I have seen the daewoo in currys being fed directly by a dvd player (there were no techwoods available on display) . after I had had a mess ,contrast turned down ect I was very suprise at how good the pic realy is . The 3000.1 CR makes a big diference and you can get a realy good black (even if you turn th techwood to 0 br and 0 con it still looks grey) I can honestly say I thought it looked the best pic of any of the plasmas they had (all fed by there own dvd players)even after a mess . the phillips sets looked horrid and very very blocky. This is just my opinion but I supose it's me that will be watching it .

I know the panel has an s-vid a component and a vga in. I just wanted to know realy if these are replicated on the tuner box. I would like to use the pic in pic ect . it there are only 2 scarts and that's it though I may just connect direct to the panel .

I did a search on here and nothing . I went over to to the avsforum but no mention of this set as they sell a difent modle over in the US. It is bassed on the same chassy but has diferent imputs ( a lot of people over there are very very happy with it though )

Guess I'm just gona have to wait till it comes to find out .Like a :clown: I did not think to look at the back of the box when I was in currys :suicide:
thanks for the detailed reply. I think the techwood has a CR of 1000:1. It appealed to me cos of the price I guess, you get screen, tuner and speakers all for under 2k. I know people will say you get what you pay for but I cant honestly afford to blow much more on a screen, 2500 is my absolute max.

I am a bit confused tho about the need for a tuner. Do you have to have one? if not, how do you plug your dvd, sky, xbox into the plasma screen?

I will prolly go into currys again tom for another drool over the screens. I will clock what conntections the daewoo has. I do remember it had a very strange remote tho!
I ordered mine off the web site . If you do this and use the code DCBYAW you get the daewoo for £2349 , that's for the screen tuner speakers and stand .I allso think from looking at the manual on the web that it allso comes with a few cables chucked in too .
The stand looks a lot better than the techwood aswell ,it's half glass and says "plasma dislpay panel" on the glass "classy":D .

I went to town today ( got sent by my mother to take somthing back to argos for her) So I popped in to have a closer look .On investigation the tuner has two scarts two component an s-vid and a vga d-sub .One other good thing I noticed about the tuner is that it connects to the screen using a standard vga lead and a phono lead instead o the strange imput they tent to use . This meens that if the cable is'nt up to the job it can be replaced with a better one :D :D .

As for conection without the tuner , the techwood will not work without the tuner at all , there is only one conection on the panel and that is an odd one that only conects to the tuner .This meens anything gos wrong with tuner or cable and you are basicaly f***ed .

The Daewoo on the other hand has a component ,s-vid and pc imuputs on the back of the pannel itself . This meens that if you are unhappy with the tuner you can connect a progresive scan dvd play directly the component in on the screen . Another good thing with daewoo setup is that if you are happy with the tuner and later on updated the panel you would be able to conect this tuner to the new panel through it's pc input

One last thing the tuner for the daewoo comes with it's own remote control that controles the panel aswell as the remote that comes with the panel itself. This may be handy if you deside to connect derectly to the panel as you could allways use the tuner to watch tv on a monitor in the bedroom ect. All in all I think the Daewoo is a much more versatile beast . For the reletavely small extra outlay I think it is a much better deal that the techwood

all the best
once again...wow! a great reply :)

I may go and look at one of these on the weekend and take a few of my dvds in to try. Hopefully the will oblige and plug a player into the one they have on display. Aslong as I can link up my Sky+, DVD, Xbox to the plasma I will be happy which I think I can going off what you said above (?)

Cant help thinking the sales guy will be miffed if he spends all the time helping me out and then me saying "thanks, I will now go and order it online and get discount, sorry, no commision for you me old mucker" :D

You must let me know what you think of the unit once you get it :)
You must let me know what you think of the unit once you get it

I would but you are more than likely to get it befor me . I have contacted them to swop it . they said though that I have to wait for them to pick it up then send me my deposit back so they can take the deposit again for the Daewoo .Stuppidly they can't just transfere the deposit over.

So they will send me the document to fill and send back . I have to keep it untill they pickup the techwood then send it , then when they get it they will order me the Daewoo , then I will have to wait up to three weeks .

So it may be you telling me how it looks :( .

It should have anough conections for you .I will be connecting my two scart boxes up with the scarts, dvd in to one of the components ,pc upto the pc d-sub .This should still leave me an s-vid and component on the tuner plus the component and s-vid on the panel that you can still switch to using the panels remote .

Not sure they will let you try your own dvds in currys though . If you look at the dvd players that are conected they have a seal thing over the front of the tray to stop people knicking the fills .

I did have a look at pioneer high def screen when I was in there (did'nt see it last time I was in ) and I realy have to admit that the pic on that was outstanding .Not sure I would be willing to pay the extra 2 grand though even if I had it

Don't just go and buy the daewoo on my sayso though , make sure you do go and give it a good go over first. The thing I allways do is turn the brightness and contrast to zero befor I start and then turn things up from there

If it helps you can get the manual in pdf format here
sorry got one little thing wrong . there is'nt an s-vid imput on the daewoo panel just the tuner box:suicide:
hello.. just bought the Daewoo last week .... I was initially quite pleased ..... but .... I wanted to bypass the tuner box as I only use Sky, DVD and PS2 ..... got the DVD and PS2 wired right into the screen, but couldn't get it to recognise the Sky box for love nor money.... anyway, I wasn't too bothered about that, as keping the tuner box gives me even more inputs.....

So far so good.....or so I thought.......
After three days, everything has taken on a green pixelated outline and is only just watchable (whether I go via the tuner box or not) ..... and the next day, my PS2 and DVD player (which go direct in to the screen) are now unwatchable as they are almost pitch black.

The repair man is coming tomorrow, so I hope he can fix it !

So far, I regret buying this screen, and maybe should have found a few more £££ for something I can trust a bit more, or maybe I'm just unlucky.
The fact that the glass plate between the legs has the logo on back to front, and that the screen buzzes loudly every time a bright image comes on, I have chosen to ignore......

Maybe it's just dying ....
This kind of thing happens an awful lot on the cheaper panels. I'm afraid it's not only image quality you are losing out on, the return rate on the 'quality' makes is nothing like the rate from these DSG korean made panels. It's still cutting edge technology, it seems to me the techwood/daewoo etc are still at the bleeding stage.

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