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    On the 25,05,2004 I went along to the Richer sounds store 543 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth where I had decided to purchase a Daewoo 42” plasma screen wall bracket and home cinema kit plus extended warranty. When I got my screen home it was making an annoying buzzing noise from the rear I naturally assumed my cables were not up to scratch and went out and bought high quality cables which were in excess of £150. This didn’t seem to remedy the problem so I contacted Daewoo direct to ask a few technical questions, they assured me that the screen should operate silently and that no moving objects (fans etc) were installed on that model. I then telephoned the Richer sounds store where I had bought my screen 2 weeks ago they kindly informed me to bring it back to them and they would replace it. So I took my screen back to them and received the replacement. The replacement screen also buzzed when in operation, it didn’t matter what device you used it buzzed with everything DVD, PS2, SKYTV etc it actually sounded like a fridge freezer running in my lounge.
    I contacted Daewoo again after this and they agreed something was wrong with the screen and arranged for it to be collected and returned to their repair department a company called Logistic I think. They came to collect the screen and left me with a replacement 42” plasma screen while mine was away being repaired. The ‘loan’ screen was a slightly different model to the one I had purchased and seemed to work fine while I had it, apart from 4 plasma cells out in the middle of the screen. A week later they returned with my screen and it was reconnected but no engineer report to say what the fault was if it was repaired or replaced. To my discussed the screen was no better, it was still sounding off like a fridge while in use. I telephoned Daewoo again to re report the fault and was told they would get back to me, well another 2 weeks went by and no contact so I rang the Richer Sounds store in Bournemouth for advice, they then forwarded me to the Richer Plasma Help Line which was an answer phone. A couple of days later I was contacted and told that the problem could be overhead power lines (which there are none), after a short conversation we agreed that the screen had to go back again for repair. I waited another 2 weeks and still no one had contacted me about this so I telephoned the plasma help line again, answer phone again!. The return call a day or to later revealed that Daewoo were supposed to contact me back to make arrangements which they did not so I was assured that it would get ‘chased up’ by plasma help line at Richer Sounds.
    Today I had a return phone call ,2004-08-25 informing me that Daewoo were supposed to have contacted me (Which they had not) and then told to phone the Daewoo customer support line and ask for Graham. After a short conversation with Graham he seemed to question why there was no report on the previous repair of my screen and again forwarded the complaint over to Daewoo’s repair company Logistic.
    I am still waiting on the repair company to contact me to make further arrangements to take the screen back for repair again!!!

    This screen is only 3 moths old !!!!, i have sent a letter off to richer sounds head office, i have lost all faith in Daewoo totaly and would never buy another product from them in the future. Anyone have any suggestions on what my next corse of action should be ? or anyone else having probs with the daewoo dp42sp?

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