DAEWOO DLT20W2 got HDMI connection?


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I am looking for a lcd tv for around £250 - £350. I am a student and moving out in september so having freeview in the tv is a big plus. I looked on comets website and found the DAEWOO DLT20W2 which looked like a good choice for me. It says it has a HDMI connection which I am wanting to play my PS3 through, however when I looked at the same tv on amazon.co.uk they said it doesnt have a HDMI connection. Does anyone here have this tv and can tell me whether or not the tv does infact have HDMI?

Or can anyone recommend a different lcd tv that fits my needs? Around £250 - £350, with HDMI for PS3 and HD ready, freeview being a big plus. Thanks for any help.


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Hi Demoneyeskyo

I dont think the DAEWOO DLT20W2 has a hdmi input its not listed on sites ive looked at and its not even on daewoos own website yet.

may i suggest you take a look at this lcd


its lacking a freeview tuner but you can pick one up dirt cheap to go with the tv as its only £300.


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the site is legitimate (if you mean overclockers), and the price for that aoc seems right (similar pricing on other sites).

It looks like it's got a couple of scarts not listed on that site.

AOC have been in the PC monitor biz for years, so I suspect they are pricing it at that price to try and get into the TV market.
I'm tempted to give it a punt at that sort of price myself :)


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I haven`t bought a TV from them, but I have bought p.c. parts rom them many times, never had any worries with them.


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Have you bought from that site before? It just looks too good to be true IMO :rolleyes:

Many times before mate just got a new keybord and mouse from them.

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