Daewoo DLP 3212 LCD. Ideas & Thoughts?


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Hi Everyone,

Now I know you get what you pay for, but does anybody have any experience or feedback on this Daewoo set? It's a 32" LCD HD ready type and my brother-in-law was thinking of making a purchase. He's not into Home Cinema lke the rest of us here so isn't looking for the biggest and best.

Ultimately, I think it'll be used with Sky HD and if he gets a DVD player/recorder too, I'll suggest he gets a model that upscales video.

I believe this set doesn't have an HMDI input, but does have DVI/PC component etc. Will this affect the HDPC stuff Sky will use? Basically, could he use this set with SKY HD and what would be the best way to connect up?

Any thoughts, ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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I think you will get more replies in the LCD Forum ?


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...but never received any replies in there either unfortunately.

That's why I posted to this one also. Never mind, maybe someone can help.

thanks ;)


i have the daewoo 2612dlp and have had the so called engineers out to it twice,i bought it from miller bros in december,got it home,connected it to my sky+ dvd player and my pc,but on a lot of theprogrammes i watch.not only on sky but the pc and dvd player,the ghosting is too much (tried all types of cables) so out came the first muppet from daewoo, he agreed the picture was poor but tried to blame my sky box,it wasnt that of course cos my dvd player and my pc dont run through my sky box,his parting words wheere,that must be what you get (muppet 2 came 2weeks later),the sound would not go past 20%,so he came he looked,and said we dont know anything about daewoo (daewoo sent him) so he agreed to have a look at it and took the back off,ooooh he said nothing i can do with it,ill have to phone the workshop,so he put it back together and phoned them (we dont deal in daewoo was the answer he got) so i said to him hold the phone near the tv and let them listen,cos om not too pleased,so he did this and f*** me it was ok.
after all this i phoned daewoo ant said to them im not happy with the picture quality,and either wanted it changing or a refund,but the lady from daewoo said ,we only change after the engineers have been out 3 times,so i am waiting for it to go wrong again so the muppets can pay me another visit.
the morale of the story is dont buy a f***ing daewoo:devil:

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