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    Hi All
    Has any one tried a Daewoo DF4100P DVD/VCR combi, is it any good as a basic alternative to a VCR? I'm thining of getting one this week from Curry's. Its £169 and has an RBG output. No DivX or progresive scan. I't also looks really simple to use, as it has one touch recording from VCR to DVD. I would use it to replace my VCR. It would be used to record Sky TV and I will also record my home videos onto DVD, hence why the one "touch record" is atractive. I noticed that it does'nt have a TV tuner, what are the implications of this? Another model at Curry's is the higher spec Samsung DVD-VR320, but this does'nt look as simple to use as the Daewoo. Any imput on these models about the pro's & cons would be great.

    Many Thanks

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