DACs in AV receivers...


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..what are they like for music?

I'm about to get an AV receiver (Marantz SR4200) and get rid of my Arcam Alpha 6+ stereo amp. Since the SR4200 has digital inputs (obviously) should I use one of them for the digital out from my CD player (Marantz CD50SE - superb) or would I be likely to get better quality using the DAC in the CD player and just using the analog outs as at present?

Obviously I'd use one of the digital inputs for the digital output from my DVD player but I'm wondering if it's worth it for a regular CD player. Given that the Marantz CD50SE is more than 10 years old maybe DAC technology has advanced so that even the DAC in a relatively cheap AV receiver is better?

I don't even know what the CD50SE outputs on it's digital out - PCM?



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The answer is it depends (at least in part, not solely) on how good the two sets of DACS are and which you prefer the sound of.

I was in a similar situation with an SR4200 and a Rotel RCD 970. It's an old CD player but I like the sound. When I hooked it up to the SR4200 via the coax digital, to my ears at least, it didn't sound any better.

The solution would be to try it and see what you think.

Then let us know what you found. :)

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