DacMagic drop pouts

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I'm on my second DacMagic (the first developed a faulty, silent right channel) which I've had a few months now. Yesterday for the first time I noticed monentary and occasional dropouts in the sound (and the incoming sampling rate LED flashes) and traced it to other electrical items being switched on/off eben as small as table lamps. This only happens on co-axial input - optical is unaffected and I assumed iit s only since yesterday as my norm has been to listen via co-axial so I would have expected to notice before now if it had happened from day 1. I've changed co-axial cables, plug sockets, but makes no difference. Reluctant to return it to Richers Sounds again but not pleased that I've lost the use of co-axial have to use Optical. Noticed a few similar comments on drop outs elsewhere but they seem top point the finger at quality of shielding of the co-axial cable which I know isn't the issue here. Anyone else with the same fault care to comment?


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I had the same problem and only with unshielded coaxial cable that probably werent even 75 ohms. so if you have someone who can lend you a few cables to try it might solve the problem.
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