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DAC with an ethernet port and physical volume control?


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Hello People,
All of my music in digital (FLAC) and on a DLNA server.
I'm looking for a single device to be able to connect to the network via Ethernet, do DAC and have a volume control (ideally physical) so I could plug it directly into a power amp. And I'd love a good iOS control app.

I'm confused by all the different streamers and think a DAC + Sonos is a lame way of achieving this...

I understand the DAC part is the most important part Sound quality wise so perhaps I should focus there?

Budget is around £1500, would consider used and ex demo too.

Rest of the system will probably be a parasound A21 power amp (250W) -> B&W CM10



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Linn Majik DS ex-dem, £1,400 - LINN MAJIK DS MUSIC STREAMER. EX DEMONSTRATION. | eBay. The Linn should comfortably outclass the Sonos, no matter what it's fitted with; you pay, you get.

Physical volume control? All these devices manipulate the volume in the digital domain, not using analogue resister network AFAIK.


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The Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 (~£700 new) has a decent DAC and comes with pre-amp. Its volume can be adjusted both by the rotary control knob, as well as via the supplied app, when the pre-amp mode is engaged.

Don Dadda

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+1 for the Stream magic


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I was intrigued by the Chord Hugo but trying to integrate it into my set up with an added seems a head ache...

I did hear the Linn and it's pretty good - I wonder how it compares to the CA Stream Magic 6 - it costs exactly double (an ex-dem linn)


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Well, it won't be twice as good...


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But if it's 50% better than that's fine.

I know I may have been happy with the Stream Magic, but would constantly wonder what I'm missing with the Linn... ;-)


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On my calculation it should be 47.82% better ...

Seriously though ... trying to put percentages on a subjective improvement is pointless.

Also note there is a new version of the StreamMagic 6 so the old version may be available at a good price.

As an aside, as commented above the volume control on these devices tends to be digital rather than a physical / resistor based control ... you should probably try to balance the level on the A21 so that 100% on the device gives a comfortable maximum level before reducing the volume on the device.



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Thanks Mate,
I haven't seen any reference to a new version of the Stream Magic 6 - one of my concerns was that it's now almost 3 years old...

I found a great deal on an ex-demo classe (cap2100) integrated so I'm good for amp and volume control.


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Well spotted!
Looks interesting - shame you can't do a home demo with Richer Sounds...

I think I'll go with the Linn Majik DS - got a good price on an ex-dem unit, I doubt the new Stream Magic will be better...


Established Member

I'm still torn between a dedicated streamer and a standalone dac+Mac mini.

I heard the chord Hugo which sounded great and also read about the benchmark dac which everyone love.

I have an integrated amp so I'm not worried about volume control anymore but would love to be able to use the XLR connections..

Not sure what to do...

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