DAC/DAB/RECEIVER/AMP/Whats the point?


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Hello i tried doing research and come up with nothing or little information, DAC is wireless streaming of music and DAB is radio?

I bought a receiver for my 2.0 system now i read stereo amps, why would you need a stereo amplifier when you have a stereo receiver i fail to see the difference.

My main reason for posting is i am about to purchase a cd player what i am now thinking of which is the best way to listen to music for the best quality through a cd player hooked up to the stereo receiver OR have my laptop (mac) connected to stereo receiver, i read this can be done just using the headphone jack but if you ask me that surely would cause some loss in quality?

Thanks for reading :)

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A stereo Receiver is a stereo amplifier + receiver and converter of digital signals aka DAC. The extra functions add extra cost for the same quality. You don't need both. If you had just an amplifier you would buy an external DAC if you needed the functions built into a receiver.

DAC is digital to analogue converter, nothing to do with wireless streaming. However, you can get wireless DAC's. There are multiple ways to connect a PC to a Receiver. Optical would be the best if your PC has optical output, otherwise you can buy external soundcards for £20 or so with optical output. Failing that a 3.5mm to RCA cable would be preferable to using headphone jack on the receiver.

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