DAC and pre-amp needed. What about A22 + DAVE?


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Can I float this idea past you, please?

I'm looking for a solution for my kitchen/sunlounge, where the only source is a Sonos ZP80 Zoneplayer. Now the DAC in this won a Stereophile B rating last year (I am informed) but I want the best DAC I can get. I have spent some time looking at TAG DACs and Rotel processors because although I could do this job with a DAC, a preamp and a power amp, I'd like to do it in two boxes, such as using an AV processor and a power amp. This route was being driven because I already have a Rotel RB-1092 which is a fine power amp. I need the preamp/processor to take the digital coax from the ZP80 and enable me to attenuate the volume in the analogue realm.

Then this morning I thought, if I had an A22 + DAVE I could do the job in one box. But I need to know if anybody can tell me how the DAC in the DAVE stacks up against the one in the ZP80. Power supply will be much better in the A22 I know so that is half the battle.

Anybody any thoughts on this?


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