DAB separate advice for use with Onkyo HT-R548 AV Receiver


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I'm after a DAB separate to connect to my Onkyo HT-r548 AV receiver. I would preferably like it to have internet radio too. Any ideas?


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Take a look at the Revo UK site. I use the Internet Revo Mondo. It's a tiny little box that sits on top of my Onkyo amp. Obviously it is Internet only, but it covers all the channels I want that are available on DAB plus about 16,000 other stations as well! Works in stereo, when available. Quality of reception depends on the bit rate of the programme supplier. It does respond well to the BBC HD radio programmes and gives a higher bitrate than DAB.

Takes a while to sort out, as the manual is not altogether clear, that you can go on line and select your particular 'favourites' which download to the Mondo. With a few key presses, and a bit of patience, on the remote you can call up 'listen again' on BBC radio channels. I have to say this is the best bit of kit I bought last year. Look around for discounted prices.

On the downside the display is only two-line and there are only 5 pre-sets and the remote is a bit cr*p. However, I have found its connectivity faultless although it does sit quite close to my wi-Fi device. It will stream MP3s from your computer, but its not the primary function so don't expect too much.

Revo Mondo Wi-Fi.

There is a similarly styled DAB device, but I've never felt I needed the additional coverage.
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