DAB reception drop off Great Yarmouth area


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Hi, can anyone else confirm that they are having problems in the Great Yarmouth area?

I live in Hemsby 6 miles North of Yarmouth and have 4 DAB radios, all Pure.
Tempus 1xt in the bedroom using standard aerial
Evoke 1xt in the garage using an external aerial
2 Highways in the cars
All radios recieved stations with signal qualities of 90-99

Up until Monday 9th June, I could get excellent reception on all Radios, Planet Rock being the favourite but also Absolute, absolute 80s, Radio 1, Heart etc

However we had a widespread power cut in the morning covering NR29,30 and 31 post codes, and ever since then I am having great problems recieving stations.

The garage radio (external aerial) gets stations but with a max quality of 74 (used to be 99)
The bedroom radio (standard aerial) can get Radio 1 with sig. quality of 93 and Heart sig, quality 95, but all others are down in the 30's

And as for the Highways in the car, its like listening to Norman Collier :rotfl: even when I get to Yarmouth its the same!

Any one else experiencing this? Could it be a result of the power cut damaging the Yarmouth Transmitter? Could it be atmospherics?
Is there anyone official to contact to inform them of the problem?

Chris Muriel

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I would vote for the local transmitter.
Find a near neighbour and see if they get the same results.
That should confirm it.


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I was not aware there was a DAB transmitter in the Gt Yarmouth area. I thought that Tacolneston transmitter served all this end of Norfolk. Not noticed any drop in signal on a fairly modest rod aerial bedroom set. Just checked and its picking up The Beach (80kbs mono - how hi-fi is that!) at a consistant level. Might be something to do with weather conditions or they may be working on the transmitter which is in the process of transferring from the old mast to the new one as part of the digital switchover.
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I emailed Planet Rock, who passed it onto Digital One and got the following response:

"Planet Rock have passed your email to Digital One. We broadcast the
national commercial stations, including Planet Rock, on DAB digital

We did have a transmitter fault at Great Yarmouth on Monday, but as
far as we can tell this was correctly resolved on Monday afternoon.
I've asked our engineers to check the status of the transmitter this
morning and everything is showing as correct...

Can I ask you to try a rescan/autotune of your radio and then try
again? If the problem remains, can you provide me with the following
*Your full postcode
*the makes and models of the radios
*what happens (in terms of audio) when you tune into Planet Rock
*what happens (in terms of audio) when you tune into Classic FM
*what happens (in terms of audio) when you tune into BBC Radio 3

I will then investigate further

I have provided the information requested so we'll see what happens.

The issue still remains, its giving the same results that I used to get a year ago before I used an external aerial. ie No reception early morning, iffy reception during the day then dropping off again in the evening.

As I say, previous to Monday my signal quality was excellent.


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Interesting to find out that Gt Yarmouth has its own DAB transmitter. However the BBC tech website reports that it is only a very low power (500W) one as opposed to Tacolneston, just south of Norwich, which is 5kW. I assume the Digital One stations are also transmitted at a very low level.

I'm interested to know how well, or otherwise, your Pure Highway works around Norfolk.
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I'm interested to know how well, or otherwise, your Pure Highway works around Norfolk.

Up until Monday they worked brilliantly, however most of my driving is to and from work (Hemsby to Great Yarmouth) now I can only get decent reception from yarmouth stadium and closer!

I did travel to Sudbury the other month and had faultless reception on that trip.


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A bit of web searching shows that the transmitter is in Southtown Road in central Gt Yarmouth.

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