DAB radio in a 2007 Civic


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I have bought a New 2007 Honda Civic, very nice it is too, the only fly in the ointment is I had got used to my DAB radio in the Passat (JVC KD-DB711) but the Honda has an integrated audio system not standard DIN units.
Does anyone know if there is a DAB add on tuner for these (there is an AUX in) alternatively does anyone have experience of either the Acoustic Solutions ICS100 or the Revo ad on DAB units?


I was looking into the new Civic and it seems changing the HU can be a problem, basiclly you need to rehome it otherwise you lose all of the unformation on the screen, radio, temp, fan speed etc. You can buy a single din conversion though ... the other option is to consider something like Alpines mobile hub system that allows you to add other items such as DVD players etc.
I recently got the DAB-ICS100 from ASDA Wallmart supercentre for £9.99. I am not very impressed with the solution myself. If I bought an in-car DAB again, I would fork out good money and buy a head unit that can fully control an external DAB unit and have one of those installed, and get a good dedicated DAB aerial professionally installed (I'm not impressed with the glass mount one provided with the DAB-ICS100). But as I don't have much money at the moment, and my current car cost £0, this will make do. My other concern is that the fixed "pod" control unit may attract thieves. They obviously won't get much if they steal this alone, but the damage caused to the car is the main concern. Otherwise I am happy with it for £10, but wouldn't be too happy if I paid the £100 full price.


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I have an Accord Tourer and like you really missed the DAB radio I had in my previous car. I had a Revo fitted along with an external roof mounted aerial.
This worked well in every respect, with solid reception throughout the East Midlands. I am amazed that Honda, along with other leading manufacturers, are so out of date with their audio systems and do not offer the option of DAB.
I now have a company car, a Ford Focus. After a few days of FM only, I have fitted a Sony 6650 DAB radio and external aerial. Once you have become used to the vast choice and brilliant stabilitity of DAB reception you really miss it.

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