Dab radio/FM for Chinese programmes/language


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My mother in law can no longer get her programme in Chinese on the radio [I think switch over to DAB?].

Does anyone know radio frequencies either Dab or normal radio please for Chinese or programmes in Chinese ?



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Guess it depends on where you live. If you are in the UK go to this DAB website and put in the postcode.


You will get a listing of all DAB stations in the area. I've checked central London and I cannot see any specific Chinese stations listed although the response may be out of date.

As far as FM is concerned you probably need to go to the station Website and check there. I'm guess this might be


However my Chinese is not up to translating it!
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we need to know your location approximately. I wasn't aware there were any full time Chinese language stations in the UK and it would be interesting to find out where these are available. What I would really recommend is that you obtain an internet radio if she has internet access. You won't be bound by location or even nation with one of those!


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It may not be an option you are considering but an internet radio will allow your mum-in-law to listen to South East Asian/Chinese radio stations from the other side of the world. Worth a little research at least. And think of the kudos you'll get! Mrs Yaffle enjoys Singaporean/Taiwanese radio stations as she has migrated here from Singapore. One to consider for CNY. Obviously a wireless broadband connection is required too. I've got a Roberts Stream 202 radio and it's doing the business for me. You can get cheaper wireless wirelesses :rolleyes: though!

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