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I'd like a DAB radio primarily for secuirty reasons. I need it to start itself at a certain time and switch itself off (standby) at a much later time, and do this for at least a few days in a row. Anyone have any experience in using a DAB radio like this.

I've been looking at PURE manuals online and none of them seem to quite do what I need.

Thanks in advance.


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If you look closely at the enlarged photo here there is a random button for the kind of thing your talking about or you can program time intervals.
I would use one of these (or somthing similar) and a cheap and cheerful mains FM radio if I were you - DAB seems like an unnecessary expense to me but as long as it doesn't power on to standby any DAB radio should also work.


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The timed recording option in the Bug\Bug too, Tempus-1xt, Evoke-3, DMX-60, or Legato2 radios to do just this, the speakers can be selected to be off or on ... just go with "on" and your should get where you want to be.



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Why not get a timer switch and a cheap fm stereo?

Sounds like overkill - a tea leaf won't care about sound quality lol.
Also no DAB stereo means no DAB stereo to steal.

If you still want to use a DAB, why not buy a clock radio with DAB? Dixons have the Hitachi for about £40 :)

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