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Hi all

I have a Tivoli PAL FM radio. Some time ago I remember seeing an adaptor on the market that converted it to play DAB. TRouble was, it was mains-powered and a bit unwieldy.

Does anyone know if such a thing (or hopefully an improved version) is still available? I do like the sound of the PAL and it wasn't that cheap to buy.



Chris Muriel

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I would be surprised to see such an item be successful in the marketplace.
A DAB adaptor would require a tuner/demodulator followed by an FM modulator. While FM modulators are relatively simple (from an RF design point of view), by the time the whole lot was put together, one might as well buy/make a complete DAB radio, standalone. These are getting pretty cheap because they're based on fairly well integrated chipsets.


OK - thanks for that. Is there, then, any simple way of building a DAB tuner into a tivoli pal radio? You can dismiss it as preposterous if you wish!!


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A few DAB adaptors were produced about 5 years ago, but were not very successful and were soon discontinued.

As Chris Muriel pointed out you need nearly all the parts for a radio, the only parts missing are the amplifier and speaker, so the cost was almost the same.

Details of some of the former models are shown here.

DAB radio hi-fi, separates and adapters


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The OP could acheive DAB on the Tivoli PAL, via the Pure Highway, which is intended for use in a car.

However, it would be a very expensive option. You would have to buy the Highway £60+, you would also need a mains power supply and aerial. It is possible to run the Highway off batteries but they only last 5/6 hours.

It would not be very convenient to use and fairly cumbersome to move about. A complete DAB radio would be cheaper are more pratical in all respects.


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Oh dear! Not looking good then.

I did however see these 2 devices - maybe the Intempo DA-01 isn't available anymore, but the iDAB should be. Is there any way that could be adapted to feed into the Tivoli PAL?
The Intempo DA-01 should work. I note it is a refurbished model, not new.

The iDAB is intended to attach to an iPod or speaker dock via the Apple 30 pin dock connector, so it would be difficult to adapt it to work with something else such as your Tivoli PAL. I note the reviews on Amazon are not very complimentary.

It appears that Intempo products do not have a great reputation. See the thread on this forum about the Intempo RDI.


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I am also looking at buying the Intempo DA-01. Just wondering if you purchased it, and if so, is it any good? Has anyone else got one of these adaptors?

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