da-lite screen sizes.... filling a 16:9


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Just wanted to check, da-lite have a big range of screens with an even bigger range of screen materials, but is the hdtv version the version which is what we call anamorohic?

2.35:1 clearly will not be a best buy for me as alot of movies are full screen (by which i mean fill completely a 16:9 screen). Theres also a letter box version which may be the anamorphic type. Just need someone to clarify this for me?

I will need the version which covers all film aspect ratios (not too concerned with masking at this point.




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If you have a native 16:9 projector then you'll want a 1.78:1 HDTV screen (16:9).


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Thanks Retro,

I just needed that confirming.... didn't want a screen where i missed several inches from the top and bottom of the screen or had to reduce the picture losing info from the sides!




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The only one you need to watch out for catching you out is 1.85:1. It's very close to 1.78:1 (16:9) but slighty wider/less high, and is used occasionally for films.

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One other thing.

The HCMW finish on a pulldown screen is susceptible to wrinkles (kinda soft creases). It's not too bad (I've got one), but I reckon it could annoy some people.

If you trawl the AVS forums you can find out more...

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