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hi, i got the new d900 to replace my old d500 - not too keen on menu layout - it might just take getting used too.

a few niggles already, any help much appreciated;-

how can i get rid of the huge clock on the display and just have the small digital time. (can live with this but next one is killing me)

how can i turnoff the keytone- the option is greyed out on the menu!!

still got the "excitement" of transferring contacts, mp3s and sorting out bluetooth, email, and the microsd (hopefully mm msgs are trouble free!)

also, does anyone find the charger slot on the phone a bit too snug?



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Is there any setting under date and time settings to change the way the time is displayed?

As far as the keytone option is concerned the manual states "This menu may not be available, depending on the font type on the dialling screen.", so presumeably you may have to change the font type, or have you already changed it from its default?

Crazy Snake Man

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hiya, i managed to change wall paper so that fixed the time - BUT i cant seem to fix text tone and its killing me!!! i have tried all combinations of text display but to no avail. do u have d900? if so can you turn off text tone, and if so wht is your default text type?



You need to get rid of the pen that rights the numbers to be able to get rid of the annoyin button beeping noise.

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