D80 for £365 !!


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Just been looking on Google Products for good prices on a D80 and found 2 shops offering them for really low money - Hamlin and Manfried. When you click on the link it goes to Jessops at usual price !

Anyone know what all this is about ?


Same thing happens on the D200 search


Have also saved a screen capture of the D80 page - attached.

If its real I am buying one !



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A similar thing happened to me. I did a google search for a Panasonic 50" plasma and it came up with someone selling it for £900. Clicked on the link and it took me to Asda who had it for £1200! No idea what's going on.


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I noticed that the other day.

What I think it is is a wesite/websites set up and a cheap calolgue sent to google products which google have to include. But instead of being an actual company Hamlins makes money from Jessops by providing a click through to their website. So Jessops are getting loads of hits through this company and they pay out say £1 each time. I don't think Jessops can be aware of it as I can't see them making much money out of it.

I might give Jessops HQ a call actually. Maybe they'll be so pleased I pointed it out to them that they give me a 40D as a token of their gratitude!!!!

This is just a guess btw.


i think alley has hit the nail on the head. there seems to be alot of this going on unfortunately, often sometimes quite sick like people setting up domain names for maddie mcann, cancer research etc etc yet when you click on one of them it's a click through site so someone is making money out of it

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