D6100, D6510, D6530, D7000, D8000? I'm confused....


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Afternoon all.

Right so I've got £1000 of John Lewis vouchers to spend and thought I'd treat myself to a new 40" TV.

I have an old 32" Toshiba Regza which has been doing me fine for the past 4/5 years.

I've had a look on JL's site and seen the above TV's What's the difference between them? Is it worth me paying £999 for the D7000 if I can pick up the D6510 for £750 or the D6530 for £650?

I don't have sky HD but do use freeview HD and watch alot of sport. I also do alot of gaming so need decent response times etc

Thanks in advance


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Oh and if anyone can recommend something other than Samsung I'm happy to listen! I am limited to John Lewis' range though and no bigger than a 42" really....


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If you want a good 3D TV go for the D7000. The D6510 and D6530 are fine sets, but the 3D is only 540p, compared to 1080p on the D7000 and D8000. They all produce excellent 2D pictures though, especially in HD. The series 6 may suffer from motion blur during fast motion though, so i would reccommend the D7000. You may need to play games in Game Mode as it will reduce any input lag.
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