D600 MP3 file format/bitrates


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Just got a shiny new D600, which I very pleased with btw :thumbsup: ; but most of my pre ripped/downloaded mp3 files will not transfer to the phone as music due to "unsupported file type".

I've searched everywhere for some sort of supported bit rate/codecs information with no joy, does anyone know what type of mp3s this phone likes?


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How are you trying to transfer them? Samsung phones have a habit of throwing this message up if you try transfering data to the phone without using Samsung's own software. I get this error if I try to transfer to a D500 just using WinXP's "Send file via Infrared" option.

If you aren't already using it try transfering the files using the Samsung PC Studio software


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yeah I'm trasferring them via the Samsung Studio and get these messages (even with some 128kbps)

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