d50qm projector picture improvement, help required



when does the latest obsession become to difficult to follow? i have the projector, but no idea how to get the best picture. i have faith that i can get a good picture, but i am aware that there is newer technology out there that prudence would suggest puts a ceiling on spending. still i am committed now and would like to find a book that will help, with setting it up. if you live in the liverpool or the wirral and like the idea of charity work, it would be nice to hear from you, thanks


Hi Donald welcome to the forums, i have moved this to Projectors for you as you will get some better and more informative responses from there.

You shouldn't need a book the knowledge from the guys in these forums should be suffice :) . Also what dvd player etc are you running into your pj?


Woops, i will have to let one of the other mods do this as i dont mod this section.

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