D3000 & XBox 360 Elite - No HDMI - Help please


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Had an Xbox 360 hooked up to the D3000 via component, worked well, good pic (unitl the 360 died that is).

Just come home today with a 360 Elite as a treat for my disabled son and I can't get it hooked up via the HDMI cable.

He's nearly in tears and my head is about to explode.

Please can someone tell me why the tv is not finding any HDMI devices and what to do about it?

HDMI control is set to on btw. The message onscreen tell me to check the settings with the HDMI device (i.e the xbox) but all I can see to change is the display setting which I have ....to 1080.

Stumped! :rolleyes:


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you got anything else or anyone that will try it on another hdmi enabled display?,ive had similar issues with hdmi not being seen by the display device,changed the cable no luck in the end it was my tv not seeing the hdmi,changed tv in the end.


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I have the elite - you have connected the hdmi lead to the xbox end yeah?

From there make sure you have definitly cycled through the inputs on your tv remote to get it on hdmi then in the xbox you need to put it in 1080i (or 1080p if your tv supports it)

The elite does come with the component leads so worse case you can use it with them until you have more time to play!


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having looked a one earlier i can say there is no real difference between hdmi and component.


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Thanks guys, tried everything but no joy. Hooked the elite up with component so we could see the settings to change ....to 1080i, then tried the hdmi cable again but nothing.

Got the same tv downstairs too with a dvd recorder hooked up via hdmi so I know the hdmi works ok on that tv. I'll see if the elite is recognised on there.


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Turn off the 'HDMI Control'. This only works with some specific equipment. You'll get that message otherwise about 'checking equipment'.

Then, connect your cable, and once connected simply use the input selector to go to the HDMI socket (Ext 4,5 or 6 I think).


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Well I'm really confused now. :confused:

Tried elite on downstairs tv and exactly the same thing, it wasn't recognised as an hdmi device. However after I unplugged it, I got the tv to check again and the Sky HD and the DVD weren't recognised as hdmi devices either, even although they are plugged into the hdmi sockets and working happily.

If I scroll through the AV menu, I can find them listed as AV outputs, so why doesn't the tv recognise them as hdmi?

Anyway, got the elite hooked up with the hdmi cable and working eventually but both tvs still think there are no hdmi devices there. Bit strange how both tvs do the same, I wonder if I should have changed a setting somewhere or other so they find the hdmi devices? All I can find to change is the enable hdmi select option which I've obviously enabled but it makes no difference.


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Didn't see your post Bluestraw before I posted again. Trying to type and talk at the same time only makes for a slow day, lol.

Anyway, as you said, it works by picking the hdmi socket number from the AV selection screen.

Maybe I was making things more difficult than need be but I expected the tv to scan for hdmi devices (as it does) and find them (but it didn't).

I didn't realise the hdmi control would only work with cetain things.

Cheers all. Appreciate your time and advice.

Son is happy racing cars again. :thumbsup:

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