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D300 bundles


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Hello all,

I recently have been watching a bundle on jessops that included:

nikon d300
nikon 18-200
memory card.

This bundle was great for me as the price essentially included the MB-D10 for free!

However the day I went to order after watching the deal online for atleast 2 months, it simply dissapeared on 19/05/09 Boo hoo, a phone call to jessops and they have run out of these bundles. Now the same deal works out at an extra £300! Needless to say I'm pretty annoyed!

Does anyone one here know.., its a slim chance I know, but does anyone know if the UK will be receiving any bundles in the future, vendors seem to be clueless or just a little cagey when questioned. Other than this are there any good deals that I just cant find on the net that you guys know about?

I really want this camera and finally have the money burning a hole in my pocket. I must restrain myself from jumping to my wallet and making a spur of the moment purchase...




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What price was that bundle going for?

Best price I've seen the D200+18-200 VR is £1568 from Martins...

Nikon D300 + 18-200mm lens from £1568.71, UK Specialist Price Comparison Site, Camera Price Buster

I would say btw, as a D200+18-200VR owner, if I were to buy now, I'd be VERY inclined to go down the D300+16-85VR+70-300VR route. I do like my 18-200, but I miss the extra reach for wildlife, and 18mm isn't as wide as I'd like sometimes (means I have to carry a 12-24 too).

The only time I would find the 16-85 route a pain is for zoo photography, where at present I carry just a couple of lenses (18-200+105VR), and instead I'd need 3...but on the plus side I'd gain a lot more reach when shooting large enclosures.


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it was 1679 i think. that included a grip and card tho. Yeah I have tried martins and they too have sold out of those bundles. I guess nikon sell these bundles to the vendors direct ever so often. Where and when they will appear i dont really know. I agree lense wise that route would cover a better range with increased quality, but it would be a pricey option. Hmm, what to do. A real pain as a perceived that the camera would be here by now so already have the 72mm lense filter and camera bag!



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hey dude,

I work in a large department store and have had similar problems to you. Nikon do infact make specific bundles to various shops and when they run out, they run out. HOWEVER, have you tried calling up all the jessops around your area because by chance one store may have 1 left "in the back" they could sell to you.

Alot of the time people reserve things and never bother coming in to buy them. ask if they can have a look on the computer ect. if you are really desperate for that bundle.
hope that helps!


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It looks like the D300 will be replaced in the autumn with the D400. Spec from nikonrumours

new D400 EXPEED II
HD movie function with stereo
tiltable display with continuous AF
16-18 MP sensor
as well as some new DX lenses

Comments from D300 supplies from Thom Hogan's Nikon Field Guide and Nikon Flash Guide

At the other end, we have the D300. From what I hear, there is another boatload of D300's on the way to distribution. Thus, we should see some easing of shortages for that model soon. I've always predicted that a D400 model would appear in 2009. My best guess was in fall, which gets me back to the "did Nikon cut too much" thought. If indeed we're now down to the last production run of the D300 and I was right about a fall introduction, then D300's are going to be scarce during the summer months.

If demand for the D300 is bigger than Nikon predicted then they could be a very short supply in the next few before the D400 launch.


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Tarmoo - I spotted the same info. Also the D40 & D60 stocks are rumoured to be being run down.

As somebody pointed out though '16-18MP' lowers the credibility of the rumour, as if anyone had seen specs or been to a presentation, they would KNOW the MP count.

Having said that, autumn would be bang on schedule based on past releases, so I'm convinced that SOMETHING is coming.


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thanks for your comments guys. special thanks to SUNN too. I compiled a list of jessops in a 50 mile radius and by the time I got to number 3 had secured a great deal.

I now have the body, lense and grip sitting before me, for a very reasonable price.

Happy man I am.

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