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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Rob, Aug 11, 2002.

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  1. Rob

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    Jul 17, 2000
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    Hi Folks,

    Had a chance to view some D-VHS stuff recently, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts.

    The projector used was a friends 1209. Tubes are well past 20,000 hours, but look clean and are in good shape, exept for some minor burn in.

    We decided to do some comparisons, having X-men on both DVD and D-theater. We looked at various scenes, including the fighting scene, fairly near the start in a dark club, the scene where Wolverine is in the operating theatre and a few others.

    The improvements were very easy to see. Blacks were very black, far more than I've seen and whites were blinding. The image at times was almost 3 dimensional. Small detail, such as the metal cage in the fight scene were resolved superbly. Another significant improvement that I didn't expect was the sound quality. Far more punchy. Overall Very impressive.

    We then viewed the D-theater demo tape that was shipped with the earlier players. I don't think this is available anymore. It basically consists of various scenes from some Japanese gardens, and various places around the US. The quality of this was absolutley incredible and has to be seen to be believed. You could be looking out of a window, it was that good. Colours look totally natural. This was shot specifically for hi-def using coloured filters, and it certainly shows the format off to its full. Even small details in the distance were in focus. Incredible.

    My conclusion was that the format certainly has potential for those with systems good enough to get the benefit. If its supported by the studios, and titles are released at the same time as thier DVD counterparts, then I would be very tempted to buy a player, when I can afford it. Prices for the tapes so far have been a bit more that the DVD equivelant, but I think they are worth it. A D-VHS player currently seems to be around £1300 + £300 if you need a component to RGB transcoder (as I would).

    When you consider that you could not get this kind of quality from any DVD player at any price, the price doesn't look so bad. It just remains to be seen if it gets the support it deserves.

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    Hi Rob,yup seen a lot of the same things as you,off air HiDef TV and Digital Vhs,both on a 9" CRT and on my Sharp 9000 :eek: was totally blown away by the images ,as you say things looked 3D,the depth in the picture was awesome,the detail and colours just blew everything else i have ever seen away,the colours and depth of picture in those japanese scenes was outstanding,we also compared various scenes from U571,X Men,etc.etc.jumping back from Hi-Def to DVD, all i can say is, since i have come home ,and back to `old` DVD,everything looks.......................FLAT.:(
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