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Jun 22, 2012
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First of all a thank you to those who suggested this product, seems pretty good. Only just set it up but I'm a little unsure about what I'm doing.

Essentially I have a separate drive set up on my laptop that I want to be backed up on the NAS on a regular basis. Windows backup doesn't recognise the network drive, it seems I don't have the right version.

So I'm trying to do it from the NAS, I have gone to local backups and selected LAN backup but after that I get confused. What should I be putting in the URL field?

Any help would be much appreciated
Well, I don't have a DNS-320, but looking at the manual it looks as though you should be able to use a UNC reference to the PC you want to backup. However, for this to work you need to have created a share on your laptop of the folder to be backed up.

So, let's assume that your laptop is running Windows 7 and is called "thatlads-laptop", and that you have a folder containing the data you want to backup called "data-to-backup". On the laptop, you need to share that folder with "Everyone" (right-click on the folder in Explorer and select "Share with >" and then "Specific People ...").

Now, on the DNS-320, enter the following into the URL field:

Then use the "Test" button to make sure that the DNS-320 can read the share.

However, all this will do is copy the data from that share onto the folder you specify on the DNS-320. If you've mounted a share on the DNS-320 on your laptop as a network drive you could just do this copy manually.

BTW, You can only save your Windows Backup backups on a network location on Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise.
Yeah I read that somewhere about win7, understandable I suppose. MS are feeling the pinch lately

I read that in the manual, tried the url and it's giving me a fail message, does anyone have the 320 and had experience of this?

Also got another problem with the itunes server. When I try and select it on itunes it just perpetually says 'loading'
I gave up on trying to set up the back ups, it was worth it the media files needed a good sort through and I save myself about 90gb in duplicated files and crap I didn't need.

Thanks for help though.

Got some other teething problems if anyone can help:

Set up the itunes server seems to be fine but when I select it in itunes undersharing it says loading.... and doesn't progress any further. Looked this up online but it seems I'm not the only one who has had problems sharing NAS drives with itunes.

My plan is, I would like to be able to access my media from my ipad while in different parts of the house over wifi and also over the internet while on the road.

Seem to have sorted it, i'm using AV player HD (great app) had the ftp server working but now it's not connecting. Not too sure why.

Also not sure the best way for me to access music/films when I'm away from the home over the internet
Cobian Backup is pretty good and can backup to an ftp server so that should sort that problem:
Cobian Backup

As for your media I'd use XBMC on the ipad (not sure about remotely though).
Thanks I'll take a look at cobian.

Ipad's not jailbroken, are there any good apps for playing media files on the app store? Also any ideas on the intunes server problem?

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