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D.Digital Issues with a newly installed Samsung V+ Box


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which was a replacement for my old SA box which finally bit the dust

anyone else with this box, and a Pioneer AV receiver - have any issues with HD material in D.Digital via Optical ? With my old SA box - on forward winding through material recorded on the HDD - the av amp would just "not see a signal" - until you pressed play - where it would then lock onto D.Digital - all fine - exactly how it should be.

with the Samsung box - it seems to be outputting a strange signal on the Optical during forward wind or rewind - which makes my AV receiver flick in and out of sound modes (in fact on my AV receiver its thinking a WMA 9 Pro input, it then flashes that sound mode on and off continuously) - until you press play where it locks onto D.Digital

it also does it when you get to the end of the program, and the box has stopped playback - again the box is outputting a data output that the Samsung is outputting on the Optical

not had this with any other device - its almost as if during forward wind the box rather than muting the Optical output is outputing some form of data which the amplifier is then misinterpreting. Hopefully it won't damage the amp with it flicking in and out of the decoding mode, thankfully its not one which also switches relays inside - otherwise it'd probably wear out the relays.

any ideas ? anyone else noticed this ?

otherwise - Upscaling seems ok to me - as good as the old SA box, menus seem sharper than the SA box (almost look like they are over-sharpened though), and HD playback looks great

much smaller too



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I have noticed it on my pioneer 667 also. The 'cinemadsp' light flickers when I fast forward.


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ok thanks for reply - not just my Samsung box then :( the SA box didn't do it at all

good job I don't still have my Arcam - which made some light popping noises through speakers when changing DSP modes - which wasn't an issue for me- but would be if it did same thing with this Samsung box and did it 10 times a second !


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<update> in some circumstances it does indeed make amp flick relays on and off in quick succession - which obviously is not good at all for the relays inside of my expensive amp ....

hope it can be fixed with new firmware otherwise will not be happy at all

no other device of mine does this

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