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    Hi again, this is more of a headache than I ever imagined..I`m going to purchase a projector,probably the Tosh`MT 3, can anyone tell me best DVD player to match up without spending loads. I want DVD/VCD/CD with all sockets for going to my MT 3.Queeries I have are.....<br />Do I need to buy a progressive scan DVD player?<br />I want dolby digital I am getting a D/D amp so does this mean it will decode signal from ordinary DVD player, or must it be D/D to send to amp?<br />Can any one explain HTPC?<br />I`m sorry if my questions are or seem silly but thats why I`m here to learn.....it`s marvelous,the only problem is the more I learn the more questions come to mind..<br />I will be useing the projector in my lounge I have only just purchased the house and will be making a dedicated room for cinema over the next few months...in this room i`m going to go for a CRT projector any help would be appreciated and I mean any thanks

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