Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR DAC/pre-amp – sounds unexpectedly good


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Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR – sounds unexpectedly good

Like many people, I’m combining a movie with a stereo setup. Happy with the speakers, a REL sub and the AVR (mid-range at the time, a Yamaha 1065). I was planning to go for broke for stereo sound and get a Hegal H190, but, to cut a long story short, I now have a Cyrus X Power driving the speakers – and it sounds good. Very good. Much better than it has any right to.

So now I’m wondering if I should save some cash, get another (2nd hand) X Power instead of the Hegal, so each speaker gets its own dedicated power amp to even further improve performance. And just keep the AVR as the DAC/pre-amp.

The downside of course, is that the REL sub (purchased for .1 connection simultaneously with high-link) could now only be wired high to one monoblock.

Music – mostly rock, flack, via a USB stick, played very loud.

Thoughts on this setup, via getting the Hegal? (via cost, of course)!

I suppose another option would be to get the Cyrus, and also a modern pre-amp/DAC, but that means yet more boxes… And the AVR needs to be able to connect to it.

Thanks for reading!


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For digital stereo connected to avr or tv.

Avr HDMI out to tv, tv optical to dac, preamp, headphone amp, to power amp.

Warning : stereo dacs like 2ch pcm

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