Cyrus OneCast AV Input do I need an AV amp too?


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This is a bit of a stupid question I'm sure, however, I've bought a Cyrus OneCast as a "one box solution", however, can I input my sky directly to it (via optical) or my TV (via Optical or HDMI) or do I need to connect an AV amp to it?

It would be a shame to have to have 2 x amps to drive 2 x front speakers just for TV.




Any digital connection would work. You could use your TV as a HDMI hub and then run optical out from the TV to the Cyrus. All done, happy days.


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Thanks, I got it working in the end, it was via the TV connection on the amp and not the AV connection, DOH!

Would like to be able to add a sub though, but don't know if this would then have to be on AV mode, I suspect it will.

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