Cyrus i7 XR Integrated Amp Review & Comments


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In my hifi retail days long ago, it was always a case of matching Cyrus kit with speakers that “calmed” their inherent liveliness.

Used to have a laugh attaching a set of Monitor Audios with the ribbon tweeter to a full Cyrus stack, then blasting 80s synth pop. Ear-bleedingly entertaining.

John Fogarty

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Cant' comment on the i7 but I have just had the i9 - XR on trial for 3 weeks, playing through a pair of Neat Motive SX2's. I have to say that it is like a Cyrus but more so! I agree with Ed about the soundstage not being massive but it is absolutely rock solid.

It does need running in however, probably 3 days of solid running. In the early days I have to confess it was a bit bright, especially with the Rega 6 Ania combination.

I am trading in my 82 DAC on the strength of my 3 week trial if that helps anyone!


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Stated total power consumption is 300w. I surmise that 52 wpc is really conservative.
I actually don’t think so. And I’ll explain why with an example and numbers.

This Cyrus is rated at 52w @ 6ohms, with a maximum power consumption of 300w.

My Audiolab 6000A is rated at 50w @ 8ohms, with a maximum power consumption of 330w.

The Audiolab was actually tested at 55w @ 8ohms, which is quite close to advertised. I know it’ll be a bit more at 6ohms but not that much.

More info here at

As such, I have no reason to believe they‘re being that conservative.

TB Rich

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How would you say this compares to the Model 30 tested recently?

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